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   This page is a place for my personal cartoon related artworks. The rules which do not allow public display of artwork with copyrighted characters on well-known online galleries have forced me to create my own page. However, I respect the copyright and will immediately remove any of my artwork with a copyrighted character if requested by the owner. This is not a commercial page, so you can use and distribute any materials taken from the page freely.
   There are not any erotic pictures on this page.
   I know, this page has stylistic and grammar errors, because English is not my native language. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please, do not hesitate to inform me.

Personal Gallery

The samples of my art. Find full collection below.

Lola Bunny (added Apr, 13)
 Lola in dress.
Dot Warner
 There are lighting effects and colored environment.
Mickey and Dot
 Greeting card with Mickey and Dot.
Sexy cat
 Cat from PC game «Tail tale».
 Portrait of Tanya Mousekewitz.
Minnie Mouse
 Minnie on the court.
Gadget and a fish
Teen bunny
 Colored b/w sketch of John Calcano.
 Sawyer as Mew-lan.
 Feel free to send this valentine to your foes!
 BW art. Sally Acorn wore as a starsoldier.
«Is it for me?»
 Yes, Bunnie, it is for you!
One more drink?
 Picture of Babs. An attempt to color in Skaven’s style.
Minnie 10000
 Hey, 10000 hits! Thank you, visitors!
Abigail in dress
 Pencil sketch. Abigail is busy about the house.
Babs as a gym
 Babs is wearing as a gym.
The Matrix parody
 Minerva and Newt have got a big problem.
Lola versus Babs
 The illustration of the fanfic.
Princess Sally
 My own design of Sally Acorn.
Dancing Minnie
 Colored official clipart with Minnie Mouse.
Young Minerva
 Who could known that will she be grown up?
Minnie Mouse
 This picture is drawn with digital pen.
Amazing Trio
 Babs Bunny, Fifi la Fume and Shirley the Loon are on the stage! This picture looks like an «Amazing Three» sequel.
Bunnie Rabbot
 The crossover of «Sonic» and «Fallout 2» PC game.
Adult Babs
 Try to win! Beware, Lola, you have got serious rival!
Gadget and a sunset
 Gadget somewhere in her dreams.


 Babs Bunny as a waitress from AcmeCafe.
Sarah Bunny presents
 She looks like original character.
Dinka mousegirl
 My original character.
Minerva Mink as Sharon Stone
 This line art picture was being drawn when I was impressed by both «Basic Instinct» movie and Minerva’s modelsheets. Do you like that? Beware, she is animaniac!
Tammy in love
 My first picture colored with a digital pen.
Portrait of Foxglove
 Foxglove between day and the night.
Zunni training Sunni
 Ahem… It is just a beginning, I guess.
Young Gadget
 My version of young Gadget, the lovely mouse.
 The parody on NIMH sequel.
Tanya Mousekewitz
 One of the cutest mice.
 I am in Army now!
Portrait of Gadget
 Few evenings and three Fanta bottles.
Gadget in dress
 Pencil sketch of young Gadget.
Gadget and Hassey
 A pencil sketch of Gadget and Hassey, the elf female. She is my original character.
Anime Gadget
 Don’t be afraid! It is my experiment.
Gadget and Geegaw
 We will fly together someday!
Adult Gadget
 My favorite mouse became older but still remains beautiful. Colored by Totoro Sensei.
 This picture is based on very popular screenshot. It was my experiment with shading gradients.
Tanya with bouquets
 My first sketch of Tanya.
Tanya and Fievel
 Original drawing.
Dancing Tanya
 Combination of pencil drawing and the rendered background.
 Picture is based on a screenshot. I like your antennas, Dotty!
DarkWing Duck
 This is my version of DarkWing Duck’s title dedicated to the Russian TV channel. It was one of the best Russian dub with an excellent song.


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